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Final Core

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 12:20 PM




Basically, you build your ships with parts . Each time you defeat your opponents, you loot another set of parts and the possibility to upgrade one. The game is played solely with the mouse. Each level gets progressively harder . Once you have built a good enough ship, you can try to challenge the bosses ( only 1 atm, and he isnt fully equiped or coded) or defeat the royal fleet.


Controls :
Arrow keys : Move the camera
U : While in the hangar, upgrades the nearest part
I : While in the hangar, gives you detailed info of the part.
P : Pauses the game, allowing you to save and load files.
Left Click : While in hangar : Move parts. While in combat rooms : Select , Box-Select , Build menu.
Right Click : While in hangar : Drag to orient parts . While in combat rooms : Issue a move order, attack order.
M : Mute the annoying music
F : Move in formation

Upcoming : More parts, more enemy ships , more bosses. Different game modes such as destroy a convoy, escort a convoy, assault a starbase. Good music . Replace some sprites ( all are placeholders atm) into their final version.

Any input on optimisation-gameplay and such is appreciated. Thank you very

Changelog :

V 0.1
-added 4 buildings.
-Relay : Increases the total build radius. Costs 300
-Energy : Generates Energy to build other buildings . Costs 500
-Collector : Collects Money and consumes Energy . Costs 400
-Assembler : Builds ships and consumes energty . Costs 500
-Added an ally and enemy economy. Money is shown by going over your HQ or your opponent's HQ.
- HQ generate 50 every 2 seconds
- Collector generates 20 every 2 seconds
- Building a ships costs 50 + 50 per part. High level part still only cost 50, making them more usefull.
- Pressing A will spawn an enemy Boss
- Pressing M will bring you to the Hangar and give you 1 part ( AKA like a victory)
- Added a minimap
- Added a loot info screen, with detailed stats.
- Resizable window

V 0.2
-Added 2 buildings
-Turret : Long range, sturdy defence.
-Repair : Swaps input's energy for shield
-Added all the buildings for the enemy.
-Made building on connection lines impossible, making the game a lot more strategical.
-Coded the enemy to spawn buildings in a logical order, without crossing lines ( You have no idea how hard that was ^^ )
-Alert messages ( ex : You dont have enough money to build this ; Please build on a free spot ...)
-Tons of minor bug fixes ( No more lines drawing to the origin or cash resetting)
-Made the game increasingly difficult.

V 0.3
- Balanced the game to make it easier at the begining
- Added a pause funtion ( P )
- Added a save and load function in the pause screen
- Solved some graphical bugs ( drawing to the top left corner ; parts appearing , drawing to the mouse )
- Solved some connection bugs ( Getting the : Blocking another circuit message for no reason)

- Added over 70 new parts
- Added the boss room, with the first boss ( incomplete)
- Improved the building system ( Bot is more effective, no more building on connection between two relays)
- Added the possibility to rotate each part individually
- Fixed a multitude of bugs.
- Enemies do not spawn randomised ( and totally ineffective) but instead follow special shapes. Each new level unlocks a new enemy ship.
- Added an upgrade function and the rewards from victory are now only grade 1 parts. You get one upgrade point per victory
- Added a detailed in depth info menu. Press I while in hangar to get info from the nearest part. ( 3 hours of typing each info ^^ )
- Made the game more strategic : Each part counters another, and is countered by another.

- There are now over 100 parts to chose from
- Fixed some bugs
- Added a menu screen, with a help menu, credits and a little automated battle.
- Added over 30 enemy ships. Test them out with the new " Enemies" feature in the hangar.
- Added the "Fleet" feature, still undefeated.
- Balanced the game to make it boringly easy at first, then hard enough for hardcore players as it moves on.
- Added a real minimap that doesnt get overloaded with information.
- Added menu text for all enemies and parts.
- Added an improved enemy AI.
- Added a boring and repetitive music.

- There are now 9 missions
- Fixed some bugs
- Added a loading bar
- Coded enemy AI to have better targeting, and less lag
- Added formation movement with F
- Probably added other things, but i forgot them

V 0.7
- There are now 16 missions
- The 5 first missions have been improved .
- Posted some screenshots
- All weapons now have half their original fire rate. Less lag, less confusion, more strategy.
- Added personal message image instead of the lame base ones.
- Created the final boss in mission 16. If you can get to him, good luck.
- Repaired some loot glitches.
- Working on optimisation

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Final Core is being remade, come check the new topic ! http://gmc.yoyogames...opic=683878&hl=

Final Core is an RTS/TDS in which you can design your ships using a selection of over 130 parts.
Build the ultimate battleship and challenge other players' designs!


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:02 AM

this game looks pretty good. but my screen resolution is 1280x720 and the game window is too tall for me.
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Posted 31 December 2011 - 07:42 AM

What is the pass,,,,? i want it please....

the screen resolusion is to big for mah Laptop... :(

when im upgrading a part, i presse u then it said only main parts are upgradable... icant upgrade them...

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 09:03 PM

Sorry for the response, i rarely visit the forums anymore.

The pass is "Pass" if i remember correctly, then you have to input one of the following :
"Bored" : Unlocks all missions and arena bosses
"Money" : Gives alot of money and credits
"Doom" : Kills all enemies

I have to admit i forgot the rest, those were the ones i used the most and i no longer have the gmk with me so i can't look it up.

Does playing in fullscreen not help ? I had tried lowering the resolution but it made the game unplayable, you could either not see enough of the battle or the graphics were really ugly.

Main parts are those which are at the bottom of the screen, not those attached to a core.

Good luck

PS : This topic is better dead and buried, try to respond in the other one, the one with 4 pages please :)
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Final Core is being remade, come check the new topic ! http://gmc.yoyogames...opic=683878&hl=

Final Core is an RTS/TDS in which you can design your ships using a selection of over 130 parts.
Build the ultimate battleship and challenge other players' designs!


Online without port-forwarding: http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=685273