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Eventide RPG - Team Up With Me

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Posted 01 January 2010 - 07:57 PM

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Hi GMC roamers,

Hello, after about 7 months of absence, I am now returning to further the development of this game. Previously I had assembled a group of talented people, but due to my prevailing absence (having a real job at a local company) they may have lost interest working with me, I know some of those people are still waiting for me, it's also possible too that some of them are also busy now, so I am now reopening all slots for all those interested to join the development team.

What is Eventide Project?

This is a project I've been spending my time (and some people like JakeTheSnake7676) with, used to be called Nightfall Offline, but I became more serious about it and recently I chose to call it Eventide (for no apparent reason aside from that it relates to Nightfall). Basically it is a Side-Scrolling RPG, set in a medieval-fantasy realm called Eventide. It has numerous features and nicely done graphics. As days passed I grew thinking more about it as a game that deserves an assembly rather than a lone developer like me.


Customizable Characters

Allows player to select the appearance of the character's skin color and hair style. Can also equip Upper, Lower armors, Gloves, Boots, and Headgears... and of course Weapons and Shields. (female gender, and custom portraits will also be available in the future)

Game Play
Non-Linear, Side-Scrolling, Action/Exploration Role Playing Game.

Weapon Types
Brawler : Gauntlets, Gloves, Knuckles, etc.
Blade : Broadswords, Katana, Knife, Great Swords, etc.
Blunt : Hammers, Bludgeons, Clubs, etc.
Axe : Warhammers, Hatchet, etc.
Polearms : Spears, Lance, etc.
Marksmans : Bows, Crossbows, etc.

Attack Types
Attack types you can perform varies depending on the type of weapon you use. For example if you use Blade weapons your character will more likely to swing and cut, if you use Blunts your character will do bashing and striking attacks. It solely depends on the weapon.

Character Progress
Levelling system allows for automatic class identity based on stats. Base stats are :
POW = Deals with weapon efficiency (substats: Brawl, Axe, Polearm, Blunt, Blade)
AGI = Deals with speeds and marksman efficiency (substats: Dexterity, Movement Speed, Leaping, Ranged)
INT = Deals with spell casting efficiency (substats: Destruct, Conjure, Consecrate, Execrate, Restore)
DEF = Deals with defense and regeneration efficiency (substats: Block, Evade, Regen)

Character Classes
Depending on the stats, the character's class can be identified by measuring the stats with each other. For basic example: if the character developed his Brawl and Restore stats ultimately, he could be identified as a Green Monk class. If the character favors his Blunt/Polearm and Destruct he could be Red Sorcerer, if the character favors Blade and Dex and Movespeed he could be a Silent Assassin. Now, being a class of what, you can gain a rare skills or spells or special moves or even an attribute enhancements exclusive only to that class.

Equipments and Accessories
Player is allowed to equip armors, boots, as well slots for accessories such jewels, trinkets, etc. Equipments can also be damaged and wear off so make sure you do visit a nearest repair shop, or improve your own repair craft ability so you can D.I.Y.

Bartering and Banking
Deal with any NPC's in the game, if you don't have gold money then trade with your items

Seamless Scrolling World
Hardly any loading times as you explore the game world. (still experimental though)

Dynamic Time, Day/Night Cycle, Ambience
Time, Day/Night and Weather system... all of these are in the game.

Trade Crafts
Crafting activities like Mining, Hunting, Herbalism, Armoring, Smithing, Woodcrafting, and more.

Accessible Buildings
You can enter buildings and houses. There are lots of different buildings and shops in the game, e.g.: Merchants, Armorers, Apothecaries, Clothiers, Inns, Taverns, Guild Houses, Towers, and many more. You can also design and build your own house.

Dungeons and Caverns
Lots of dungeons and caverns scattered around the world, for those explorers and treasure hunters looking for adventure.

Mount Rider Beasts
Obtain Rider Beast Gems, and ride the rare land and flying creatures. (Mythical creatures and other new exotic creatures)

Living NPCs
Bustling villages having NPC's with schedules and jobs.

Inventory System
An RPG must have, and so Eventide has it.

Nice 2d Graphics
I worked really hard on the graphics and sprites to be as high quality as I can. The environment, ambience, the continuous parallax backgrounds (no background repeats), the animations... makes this one of the best looking GM games here.

and more features... that I forgot to mention

Posted Image
Posted Image

Basically, this game was based off JaketheSnake3636's Nightfall Online which I worked (with a team of bright, matured individuals) as the graphic artist, and that's when I thought I could also create an offline version and at the same time allowing both games to enjoy newly created sprite resources as I make them, not to mention the motivation and enjoyment being both programmer and artist. It also helped me mold most of Eventide's game element (except the storyline part) through brainstorming discussions with the Nightfall Online team.

Eventide already has the basic elements... many of it's systems are fully working; (Inventory, Day/Night Cycle, Building Accessibility, Equipment, and more), but currently the Eventide has no storyline and background music yet. It has preliminary sprites already though, all I need is to add more sprite resource and define them as items in game... however, I felt that I cannot be able to achieve a faster progress with me working alone so I need your help.

I also made tools for this project, to make things easier... tools I made are:
- DataBaseFileEditor (for recording, managing, data inputs. useful for writers)
- TiledSpriteMaker (for creating generated trees and buildings)
- ItemNamesGenerator (for randomly naming items)

I am in need of these following skills:

(3 slots)
Tasks Includes:
- Create equipments like armors, weapons, etc. over the existing template base body sprite and all its animations.
- Create his own items he desired to put in game.
- Make icons for the inventory.
- Create props resource (torches, trees, floras, etc...)
- Create background imagery.
- Tileset Creation.
- Make Concept Arts
- Make Graphics for Menus and Huds.
- Brainstorming.

Writing (2 slots)
Tasks Includes:
- Make up names for towns, villages, characters, dungeons, characters, items.. as well as their background stories.
- Make dialogue scripts.
- Write main story line.
- Write sub quests missions.
- Create game lores.
- Lightning Rod of Ideas.
- Brainstorming.

Programming (2 slot)
Tasks Includes:
- Program mini-games
- Brainstorming.

Composer (2 slot)
Tasks Includes:
- Compose matching Background music for: Exploration, Battle, Boss Battles, Wilderness, Dungeons, Towns.
- Create sfx.
- Brainstorming.

If you are interested about the project but not so keen on joining the development team, then please PM with your questions, comments, anything.. Or visit here: Eventide Project Discussion Forum.

On the other hand, if you think you have the skill I'm looking for then don't hesitate to PM me with the following:
- Real Name*:
- Username:
- Age*:
- Mailing System*:
- Knowledge: // experience?
- Languages*: // What languages do you speak?
- Requesting For What Position:
- Game Maker software: // GM6, GM7, GM8
- Registered: // Have u the Registered version of ...
- Other Programming Languages: //JavaScript, VisualBasic
- Your creations, examples of your work and Games you've worked on.
- Motivation: //Why do you want to join?
- Love for RPGs: //At the scale of 1 to 7

*(Will be kept private)

Join me now and together let's have fun finishing development of this good looking RPG made in our beloved GameMaker.

Thanks for reading and a pleasant day to all.

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Posted 05 August 2010 - 11:35 AM

Bumped by request.
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