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Programmer In Search Of Artist.

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 01:18 PM

Hello, i have been out of it (game maker) for a good while now - spending my time learning C++ and completing my final year of schooling. I want to get back into it with a top down game which will concentrate on providing amazing visual effects and eye candy.

i am a capable programmer - the work in my siggy (along with this one which is also mine (i am newbguy)) would show that except that i've lost all the sources and the links to the games themselves are broken. however, the screenshots and few comments should show i am not telling lies. you will also see that i am capable of producing some nice graphics on my own, but cannot do small, detailed objects (like the spaceships and space stations required on Mis) very well. i guess i can get by somewhat without an artist, but if my games had a true artist's touch, it would be much better. i need someone who shares the same mindset as me - that the graphics of a game should be perfect. (and you should be willing to work hard to try and product that perfect standard just as i would be trying to produce a perfect game).

i will keep alot of technical stuff out of your way - i'll use place holders (like red boxes, etc) for my sprites, and you'll just need to replace them. if we had a top down player for example, i'd make him a red box, holding a blue rectangle as his weapon, and you'll just need to provide the sprites. regardless of how it sounds, your job will be as hard as mine - if you think it'll be easy please dont bother sending your requests, as you clearly dont understand the time and effort needed to be put into good quality sprites. we will aim for a semi-realistic look to sprites. currently i am working on a top down jet fighter type game that i can send to you for a test run. (very basic at the moment) and im planning on using that as our first project together.

also, i have a webserver for websites if necessary.

so if your a good artist, send me some of your work in a PM and we'll have a chat. remember, send work of utmost quality. ^_^

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my jet fighting game.
my solar system generator. looking for someone to help work on it with me here
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