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Master Editor 2

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#31 YellowAfterlife


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Posted 13 February 2010 - 08:25 PM

You might also want to look at uv map point coordinate precision, when saving, since now it's about 0.01, which takes away some precision in modelling.
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#32 sub



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Posted 13 March 2010 - 01:27 AM

this is awesome slayer64 :D
..once i figure out how to use it properly.. it'll be even better!

my 3D noob review (being new to 3D)
it took about 5 mins to get the basics.. how it applies the textures is awesome! that will save so much time with making models :D

making a wall should be easier.. i tried making a triangle and turning it into a wall (following intructions?) but was then lost in a new sea of polygons! all i want to do is add one extra point opposite the diag corner (triangle now makes square!?)

if i have to click a certain point of the triangle that should be indicated.. it'll take me all day to figure this out now because i'm stupid. rah rah rah :)

also umm.. how do i make the wall, click the 4 corners and apply the texture? (i can set the area on the UV map but i can't get to make a darn wall/square)

oh yeah.. top proggy.. it got a place on my desktop in 5 minutes.. you should be virtually drunk on your own sense of power now you miscreant.

umm.. what kind of crack is this UV mapper on? it's so freakin' hard to get it working.. it needs a precision alignment tool (hold a key and decrease mouse x,y,z change) also.. i move the triangles around and STILL CAN'T get the texture to coordinate properly? obviously 2 points of the triangle are the bottom and the 1 point is the 'top' (which seems to change its damn angle)

also.. making a new 'box' or whatever drops it at a pre-set x,y,z.. when i double click one of its points (to select it for moving) it now selects the object that was already in the same space.. (ok fine) so i move my object THEN make the box.. ok, finished (3 hours later after going crazy trying to figure out UV mapper, model is done..) ok, now my darn model seems to have screwed up its origin.. now i have to get GMmodelfix to fix that.. :medieval:

this model design tool is good (thanks for releasing it and stuff) ..i'll keep at it for a while, and i'm sure i will continue to yell at it for days to come, but it's got too many sharp edges and a lot of the time it's just aggrovating me to the point where i'm too frustrated to continue working.. there's no other way for me to develop my 3D work unless i hard-code all the models myself (which will be just as frustrating) i can't mod your 3d tool because lateral GM ****s itself and won't do it properly.. don't mind me.. just venting :lol:

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#33 tempori



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Posted 24 March 2010 - 02:51 AM

Kinda sad this hasn't been updated recently. It was definitely one of the coolest things I've seen done in GM.
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#34 Grak


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Posted 29 March 2010 - 01:06 PM

That ball example game you posted that was created with this was really well made! I gotta try this out...
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#35 Lotias


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Posted 17 December 2010 - 09:17 PM

This is a very useful tool :lol:
It would be nice if there were a way to create a point anywhere on a selected triangle, if making a new triangle on the edge of another triangle worked when there is a triangle behind it, and if the controls were customizable.
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#36 Agamer


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:45 PM

This is cool, but it's a bit hard to use and there are a lot of bugs (e.g. resize the top of a window and drag above the top of the screen, and the window will keep stretching; the points and triangles on the uv window and color/alpha window keep flashing; the texture randomly messes up when the coordinates are moved). Holding down keys is a drag when trying to move points quickly and efficiently. (excuse the pun)

I made my own model designer (the digitizer; refer to my signature); it shows only two origins at a time (a 2d perspective), but it's relatively easy to build models with once you get the hang of it (and once you understand where all the tools are! :-\ It's a little disorganized; but it's still helpful).

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#37 slayer 64

slayer 64

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 01:53 AM

i updated the files
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#38 mn_beta


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 05:02 AM

I am using Master editor as a platform for my bone editing and "paper" concept. Hopefully I can post an example soon. I also found out what happens when you rewrite a gex in a .dll =(
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#39 faissialoo


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Posted 15 July 2012 - 07:00 PM

This is epic!!!
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#40 RevenantGhost


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Posted 17 July 2012 - 05:09 PM

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