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Extending GameMaker Forum Rules

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Posted 18 February 2009 - 12:34 PM

Extending GameMaker Forum Rules

This forum is primarily for posting your Extensions, Scripts, Libraries, and DLLs. Each of these has its own sub-forum, so please post in the correct one. And remember that you may only post it in ONE sub-forum -- not several.

Requests for Extensions, Libraries, or DLLs should be posted in the main forum below -- not in the sub-forums. General questions about GML coding should be posted in the Novice Q&A forums.

Please AVOID these kind of topics:

  • Requests for general GML help. These belong in Novice/Advanced Q&A. Only questions about Extensions, Libraries, or DLLs are allowed here.
  • Topics about other programming languages. This forum is devoted to GameMaker ONLY -- not Visual Basic, Delphi or C++.
  • Questions about porting GameMaker to other platforms, such as running GM games on a Nintendo DS, GM in Linux, or converting GML to Java.
  • Offers to make Extensions, Libraries, DLLs, or Scripts. Instead, advertise your services in your signature.
  • Extensions that are paid. The extensions forum is only to be used to publicise those extensions that are free for everybody to use in their projects, commercial or otherwise. If you have an extension that you want to charge for, then you should upload it to the GameMaker: Marketplace and make a topic in the appropriate forum.

Discussion of these areas is STRICTLY forbidden:

  • Modifying GameMaker
  • Disabling the Start Menu or TaskManager
  • Closing other program windows
  • Disabling CTRL+ALT+DELETE
  • Preventing or Forcing LogOff, ShutDown, or Restart
  • Keylogging
  • Deletion of System files / folders, or modifying the OS
  • Sending E-mail, phone calls, or any mass-media output

General Information

Q: Can I ask questions about making Extensions, Libraries, or DLLs?
A: Yes, but only about using them in GM. Questions about coding in other programming languages is NOT permitted. We highly recommend you read this topic by Smarty about creating DLLs for GM.

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