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Community Forum Rules & General Information

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Posted 01 May 2004 - 10:27 PM

Community Forum Guidelines & General Information

Please review the GMC rules before posting, starting with the General Rules. All the rules can be found in the Forum Rules and Regulations forum, or at the top of each sub-forum.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Topics:
    The GMC Community forum is for discussions related to Game Maker and Game Maker Community only.   (Non-GM topics belong in the Off-Topic forum.)
  • Posting Images:
    Please keep all posted images under 800 x 600 pixels, and under 100-kB file size per image. You may include up to 5 images per post. Allowed images are .gif, .png, and .jpeg/jpg
  • Reporting Spam:
    Each post contains a "Report" button. Use it to report posts that you think break the rules. Moderators will read it and take action.
    NOTE: If you post in an obvious spam topic just to say it's spam, then you are contributing to spam and your account may be closed. And you'll be forced to watch Rogaine and Viagra commercials.
  • Creating Polls:
    The "New Poll" option is disabled for member use. Polls are typically used by Moderators for important GMC issues, not for everyday topics. However, members may still request a poll for their topic by PMing a moderator. The moderator will decide if a poll is justified.

General Information:

  • Forum Appearance:
    If the topics appear in a list, instead of the usual way, go to the very bottom of the page where it says:
    To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please click here.
    You can also decide whether to see member's avatars and signatures when you view topics. To change settings, go to Topic Preferences through your profile and adjust Board Display Settings accordingly.
  • Personal Avatars and Signatures:
    To change yours, go to Change Avatar through your profile.
    Follow the rules regarding avatar and signature sizes: Signature and Avatar Rules
  • Searching:
    Use the built-in Search Tool in the upper-right. Click on "search" and then type in the box.
    You may get better results using Google search. On the Google page, type site:gmc.yoyogames.com "your search term here"
  • HTML in Posts/Signatures:
    Standard HTML tags cannot be used on this board. Bulletin Boards use BB Codes, which serve the same purpose. A list of usable BB Codes can be found under the Clickable Smilies when creating a post.
  • Image Links:
    To have an image act as a link in a post or signature, use the following code:

Please DO NOT post topics like these:

  • "Hello" and "Goodbye" Topics - We have too many new members each day to allow these.
  • "Nostalgia" Topics - Been away from the GMC for a while? Things changed since you have been gone? That's life I'm afraid! Just search through the Community Forum to find all the latest comings and goings at the GMC rather than posting to ask / complain / reminisce.
  • Member Profile Topics - Please don't post topics like "Where are you from?" or "How old are you?" or "When did you join?", or discuss member's names and avatars. If you want to know that information, look through the member's profiles, or PM the member.
  • Website / File Posting Questions - Do not post questions asking "How do I create my own board or web site?", "Where can I get a free web host?", or "How do I upload my images/games for others to download?" You cannot upload files directly to this server. For a list of places were you can upload your files, read the Game Distributions pinned topic in the Distributing Games forum for help with this.
  • Requests for people to compile your game to a specific target - Please do not post to request that other members compile your game to a specific target like Android or iOS. If you need to compile to those targets, you should update your GameMaker version to Pro, and buy the appropriate module(s).
  • Things the moderating team finds inappropriate. (e.g. posts that are too far off topic, too spammy, prone to flaming, etc.)

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