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Cage Match Rules

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Posted 14 February 2009 - 01:40 AM

Cage Match Rules
  • Starting on Saturday of each week, two games in the Creations Forum will go head to head in a contest to be voted on by GMC users.
  • On the following Saturday morning, the winner will be chosen from the tallied votes and will go onto the next Cage Match.
  • The Creator of the game that didn't win will pick the next game to compete.
  • This is important: I will contact both contestants at the beginning of the match and ask that both submit a replacement game to me by PM by the Thursday of the same week that they are in the Cage Match. This is to ensure that the Matches continue without interruption. If I do not receive PM's then I will choose the next game. Please no one else submit game suggestions to me.
  • If a game wins four rounds it will be retired to the Hall of Fame and the two games recommended for replacement by the contestants will be entered into the next Cage Match.
  • The games selected to be replacements can be any game posted within the last 4 months of the end of the voting period.
  • The games chosen by the participants can be either posted in the GMC or at Yoyo Games.
  • A contestant may not choose another one of their own games to take their place.
  • Any type of valid Game Maker creation may be chosen, not just games.
  • In the event of lack of nomination or a game making into the hall of fame, the cage match moderator may choose a game beyond the four month deadline.
  • Under no circumstances may anyone PM the contestants to ask if their game be nominated. This will earn an immediate ban of that game from participating in the Cage Match. Posting in the actual Cage Match topic to ask the same thing will received an immediate warn.
  • When replying to this topic: do not post just to say who you voted for.
Cage Match Main Pages

The Cage Match Hall of Fame and complete list of all Cage matches can be found in this topic.

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