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Signature And Avatar Rules

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Posted 21 October 2009 - 08:15 AM

Signature and Avatar Rules

Signature Rules

  • Signatures (images, text, and blanks lines COMBINED) must be under 150 pixels tall and 650 pixels wide. Text lines longer than 650 pixels are OK if they automatically wrap.
  • File size must be under 100 kB.
  • No links that benefit from member clicks, meaning rewards, like discounts, purchase points, money from ad clicks, or any other "referral" offering.
  • No offensive, or irritating content (swearing, adult links, annoying flashes, etc), or links to pranks or illegal content.
  • No content that slanders, libels, makes fun of, embarrasses, or otherwise targets another member without their permission.
  • No images showing the other user's IP Address, service provider, operating system, or anything that else that might cause alarm or appear invasive even if it is just "harmless fun".
  • No links that log users out of the forum.

Avatar Rules

  • Custom avatars should be 100 x 100 pixels or smaller. Re-size your avatar BEFORE using it.
  • File size must be under 100 kB.
  • No offensive avatars (adult material, annoying flashes, etc)

Please do not promote any product that directly or indirectly competes with any Yoyo product.

Signatures and avatars violating these rules may be removed without warning.

Repeat offenders will be thrown into a small dungeon measuring just 150 pixels tall. It's painful. Very painful.

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