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Rules And Guidelines

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Posted 28 September 2008 - 03:51 PM


It is our goal to improve the tutorial and example forums. In such we now have re-arranged the forum and now have two dedicated tutorial overseers.

These courageous people have volunteered to oversee the quality of the submitted tutorials as well as existing ones to make sure the quality is such as to really help the gmc members.

In such a few things have changed in the submission and validation process. So read carefully

Submitting Tutorials and Examples

All initial submissions should be made to the General sub-forum. Any topics posted elsewhere may be deleted without any notification.

The General sub-forum is for submitting concise and well-documented tutorials and examples. All submissions should teach the reader how to accomplish something in Game Maker, or explain a difficult concept in such a way that it is easily understood.

All code examples, and tutorials about specific tasks, must include an editable version for download, even if the topic itself contains a sample of the code used, but
exceptions to this rule may be considered for concise tutorials explaining concepts of Game Maker or programming techniques that may not necessarily need an example to demonstrate the process, ie: Non-specific tutorials about coding in general may not require a download, but only if the moderator deems it appropriate.

The rules and guidelines have been revised, so it is important that you read through the sections of this entire thread before you post.

The Submission Template. Use it or lose it!

Following is the template for new submissions:

DO NOT center align your post!

This simple template is mandatory.

Simply copy this code and paste it into a new topic. Replace bracketed "insert" comments with your appropriate information.
IMPORTANT: If you are using the Rich Text Editor (RTE), this template may not copy correctly. Copy from the quoted example below this code instead.

[*][b]Title:[/b] Title[/*]
[*][b]Description:[/b] Short Description[/*]
[*][b]GM Version:[/b] :GM81: :GM8: :GM7: :GM6: :GM5:[/*]
[*][b]Registered:[/b] insert yes if it requires Pro, otherwise, no[/*]
[*][b]File Type:[/b] .gm6, .gmk, .zip (The only approved archive), .etc (other formats are OK, but you MUST include a ZIP or .gm6/k file[/*]
[*][b]File Size:[/b] insert approx. size of file or package[/*]
[*][b]File Link:[/b] insert DIRECT link to file[/*]
[*][b]Required Extensions:[/b] Links to extensions (even if you include it in zip)[/*]
[*][b]Required DLLs:[/b] Links to dlls (even if you include it in zip)[/*]
[*][b]Tags:[/b] Insert any tags here which will help people to find your topic when they search (OPTIONAL)[/*]
Describe what your tutorial or example does.
This is what the info template should look like at the beginning of your post:


  • Title: How to make a Tutorial Topic
  • Description: Tutorial on submitting tutorials
  • GM Version: GM8.0
  • Registered: Yes
  • File Type: .gmk and .zip
  • File Size: 33Kb
  • File Link: .gmk only, ZIP file
  • Required Extension: (link obligatory if used)
  • Required DLL: (link obligatory if used)
  • Tags: tutorial, make, submission, submit, help, guide, template
This tutorial shows how to make a tutorial. If you are like me, you like to make useful tutorial that explain how to do things properly in a comprehensive manner!



Review Process

The review process has been completely overhauled. When you submit an example, it will not become visible until a moderator reviews it, after which it will either be left where it is (in the General sub-forum) or moved to the Staff Choice sub-forum or the Rejected sub-forum. Topics that fall into each category are :

  • A Staff Choice topic is one that is truly well written, well researched, and offers the most benefit to all users.
  • A General topic is one that follows the posting template and is of some interest, even if only to a minority of users.
  • A Rejected topic is one that :
  • Has not used the posting template
  • Contains obvious errors
  • Has no download
  • Is a copy of an existing GM tutorial
  • Does not meet a minimum standard of quality
  • Has ill effects on people's PC (eg forcing a change of display resolution)

Other factors do enter into play for rejecting a tutorial; from this list of messages we built up while cleaning up the forum, you can see what general rules you should follow as well as some of the things that you you should NOT do :

Std Msg: Please fix the download link. (No Dead Link, No Long Wait Site, No Registration Required Site)

Std Msg: Please use the tutorial template header.

Std Msg: Please use a file host with no waiting.

Std Msg: Please provide the link(s) to the topic(s) for the extension(s) you use as per the new tutorial template.

Std Msg: Please provide the link(s) to the topic(s) for the dll(s) you use as per the new tutorial template.

Std Msg: Please fix your tutorial/example so it does not change the display settings of the client PC.

Std Msg: Please add a downloadable example.

Std Msg: Please add a summary/explanation or basic outline of what your tutorial is for or teaches; aka how it works in plain english.

Std Msg: Please fix the error so people can see your tutorial/example in action.

Std Msg: Obsolete tutorial as this can now be done in other, better ways.

Std Msg: Example file does not match tutorial/example description.

Std Msg: Please use the Windows natively supported zip format for compressed archives.

Std Msg: Please use proper formatting of the code as per the requirements.

Std Msg: Please remove GM8 from your GM Version info.

Std Msg: Please remove GM7 from your GM Version info.

Std Msg: Please remove the Local Moderator Said quote.

Std Msg: Please read the rules and guidelines (http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=399356) before posting here.

A violation of these rules may not necessarily get your tutorial rejected, but we do expect you to abide by them and take action when you see these messages posted in your tutorial

Rejected Tutorial/Examples
If your topic is rejected, you may still try to bring it up to the minimum standard.  During that time you can edit it as many times as you wish and have people comment on it too. In this way the community itself will help to improve the quality of the tutorials. Once you have finished revising a topic, click the Report button and simply put

-Tutorial Fixed

A moderator will review the topic once more and either move it or post in the topic any further changes that need to be made.

It should also be noted that the General sub-forum topics can also be changed and worked on by the author, and if the forum moderators see that a specific topic is much improved it may also be moved up to the Staff Choice sub-forum. This also works in reverse and topics that have their links removed/broken or are otherwise changed for the worse by the author will be moved to the Rejected forum.

Formatting code and comments in Examples

Replying to a Tutorial

Only reply if you want to help the author or other users with the tutorial, such as making bug reports, offering criticism or helping the author to improve the topic.

You may reply just to say "Good work" or "Thank you" to a tutorial that you like, but some form of informative feedback is better for the author. If you just wish to show your approval of a topic it is generally better to "+1" the post. If you do post in the topic to praise or condemn a tutorial, try and include constructive criticism and remember that your comments could be vital in turning a rejected topic into an accepted one or a general one into a Staff Choice!

Posting Code and/or Variations in Someone's Topic

Many examples have been rejected because of poorly formatted or commented code. These may seem like trivial issues at first, but because the examples posted here are meant to teach, it is important that they not teach bad habits.

Please take the time to edit your example to adhere to these minimal standards

  • Bracket your code
    if(...)//parenthesis for logic and loop statements are a plus
    if(...){//some people prefer the first curly brace here
    if(...){...;}//single statement lines can be kept neat
  • Indent your code
    //indenting inside of related setting changes or begin/end functions helps, too
  • Terminate lines with semi-colons - GML lets you get away without this, but an unterminated line can make it hard to trace errors (as sometimes they will point to the wrong event / script.)
  • "==" vs. "=" - another essential habit for fledgling programmers.
    if(x == y)//"==" for comparison
    x = y;//"=" for assignments

On Commenting:

  • Use /*...*/ for paragraphs of comments
  • Limit comments to roughly 60 characters per line
  • Include a readme file for mostly DnD examples
  • Explain if/where variables are assigned by different events/code blocks.

Closing comments
The reason these guidelines are being implemented is because a lot of examples are just uploads of members' stripped down sources. To them, the code makes perfect sense, but to an onlooker, the code is difficult to read and understand. These issues make posting an example moot. What good is it if novice users can't make heads or tails of it?

Not all examples have to be paragons of exceptional formatting, but they at least need to be legible and enlightening.

Happy posting!


  • If you have a suggestion, you may post a code snippet. But you may NOT post another version for download. That confuses the topic, and all such posts will be deleted if the author reports them. Instead, send your version via PM to the original author for them to decide whether to post it or not.

Posting New Topics with Questions or Requests

  • Use the Novice and Intermediate and Advanced forums for asking questions. This forum is strictly for posting examples and tutorials. All question related posts will be deleted, not moved, and a repeat posting will result in a raise in the users warn level.
  • I added a dedicated pinned topic just for request. do not make your own topic.

Reporting broken links

  • The author may or may not re-visit his topic after posting it. So if you find a broken link report the topic. All topic with broken links will be sent to the rejected section and a PM sent to the author.

Replies from Moderators

  • The Moderator's decision on the approval, disapproval of a topic is final. A reason as to why the topic was disapproved and if any steps can be taken to correct it will be posted in the topic itself which will have been moved to the Rejected sub-forum. Do not PM a mod about your tutorial.[size="2"] All PM's asking about why a topic has been rejected will be ignored.

Thumbs Up

  • You may use the "thumbs up/+1" system on the main tutorial page to show the tutorial was beneficial to you. If enough credit is given to the tutorial, it could influence the moderators to move it to the staff pick forum.


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Please please please: pin a shortcut or link to the GM manual to your Start Menu. Open it up whenever you are offering advice on functions you are not 100% familiar with and refer to it before committing your post.

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