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Yap Yap! Games - Now Recruiting!

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Posted 03 August 2008 - 05:11 AM

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Ever had the feeling that you've got an idea for a hit game that could revolutionize the world, but that you're lacking the manpower, willpower and resources to make it?
Have you ever had to dump a game project because you simply couldn't put up with it any longer?
Are you good at graphics but can't script, or vice versa?
These are all things that happen to a game maker at one point or another. After three years in the business, all with Game Maker, I know exactly how it feels.
About a year ago, I though it would be neat to make a company that could work together to make games, and I think that now that I'm more experienced, perhaps it's time to begin with that idea.
The idea behind this "company", however, is a bit different than others.
My hope for it is not that it works for only one game, and then splits up. Hopefully, we can continue to work together on many projects.
The other key point is to keep it professional -- Game Maker is an easy-to-use program, but that doesn't mean it can't make well-polished games. If we assemble a strong enough team, anything is possible.
This team also won't just have a head. I'm not going to impose myself on you and make you do my bidding. I'll just be the one organizing and running things in the back - it doesn't mean I'm above you or that I won't help with making games. A group works far better when everybody does their part.

To prove that this is an open group, I'm inviting anybody that's interested to a chat. We can discuss in this topic where and when that will happen. Drop in and get to know some other people that share your ambitions, and maybe pick up a few tips and ideas along the way!
Make sure that if you come to the chat that you have some examples of your skills to share. This can be anything from a game you've made, to a tech demo, to a sprite. You decide what best describes you.
If you do come and you seem to have the skills we're looking for, I'll contact you and we'll plan a one-on-one chat so we can discuss your position and skills.

For now, this is just a jumbled list of the names of people who've offered services, as no positions have been decided yet.
golden hawk games
Dragster (among other usernames)
z0dy (Lacforumer on the forums)

What we're looking for
Anything will do. But there are some main guidelines:
-Graphics designers
-Music designers
-Voice actors*
-Sound effects*

Anything denoted with a * implies that you can hopefully do one of the other things as well, otherwise you won't have anything to do throughout most of the design.
** Design means coming up with designs for characters, items, scenery, levels, etc. and probably will involve you needing either a tabler or a scanner so you can sketch them out.

Why does this sound like an informercial for a blender?
I guess that's just the way it came out. Regardless, if you call now you can, uh... Wait, no...

Want to support us?
Put Hector, our mascot, in your signature!
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Alternatively, there's this nifty userbar in all the colours of the rainbow... And then some!
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Hot Pink
Sky Blue

Questions? Comments?
PM me, or join us for our chat. Remember, though, that we need to decide where and how we'll be chatting - we've put up a temporary date, but let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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