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Ankz Reminisce

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 10:40 AM

Ankz Reminisce

To start off with Ankz Reminisce was a WIP of mine that i was working on last summer, but for some odd reason I stopped working on this. It resembles a lot like a mix of Megaman, and oldschool Mario Games, with a twist of later platformer games. This WIP could of been something that I would of been proud to finish and share, but apparently it didn't happen. This game came back to me when I seen the trailer I made for it last summer and I tried to go back and continue the game and publish it, but the coding was just all out of order and newbish that I couldn't understand. If I were to finish this game I would most likely would have to recode everything, which would suck because I was practically done with this game. The game has a story to it, but this demo wont help at all.

Even though the game may never be done I still wont ruin the story just in case I feel like recoding the game, but the story is about a man that has no clue what is going on, he has no clue why he is fighting, what he is fighting, or where they came from. So it is his goal to find out what is going on.

I am ready to hear what ever it is you guys have to say about the game, which i am sure it is mainly bad :P but comments would be pretty cool. And please note that this isnt current coding, it is from last year.

Here are a couple screenshots:

Posted Image

Posted Image

and here is the trailer:


and here is the download link.

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