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How To Make Pokemon Text Box

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#1 theLostShellQ


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Posted 26 June 2008 - 08:35 AM

:P okay I'm stuck here.... in my game "Magikarp Rescue" (temporary name :GM021:) I want , in the beginning of the game, little Magikarp dude sprite I made to come out of his house . THEN the little pokemon text box appears on the lower screen, saying "What a nice day! Lets go to the ferry." Well, I want a pokemon text box instead of the show_message cuz show message just looks less professional and kind of cheesy... :GM021:

Oh and it would also be awesome if you could help me with this too...

Well, once the magikarp 'says' what he has to say ("What a nice day! Lets go to the ferry") then I want him to go 'swim' over to the ferry object i put on the other side of the screen... here's my line of code for that...


BUT! :D :GM073: The magikarp goes (at speed 5) in the OPPOSITE direction and OFF the screen! GRR!

so can u help me? :GM063: :GM023:

dont be a :GM023: i know you can help me :D


((oh and incase i forgot to mention, o_magikarp_intro is my magikarp object and o_ferry is the ferry...well duh but incase you didnt get that there it is lol))

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#2 LuzTeTT


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Posted 26 June 2008 - 08:47 AM

with(o_magikarp_intro){ //The braces in this design help to order your code up.
move_towards_point(o_ferry.x,o_ferry.y,5); //You need to tell the interpreter which variable of o_ferry to refer to. 

Go here: http://www.spriters-...p?file=font.png
Create your dialog image out of the provided border stuff (in the bottom left hand corner), add it as a sprite, and then in a new object's draw event place this:
draw_text(room_width/2+16,room_height/2+16,"What a nice day! Let's go to the ferry!");

Change room_width/2 and room_height/2 to where ever you want it to be placed. =)
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