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Project Dust

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#1 furry


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Posted 10 October 2007 - 05:44 PM

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Hello! This is my first 3d-game (well, it doesn't have 3d-engine, but pretty nice (IMO) models). All models made by myself. Actually, everything is from me (except sound effects).
This is just a Alpha Beta 02, so there is nothing really serious to play. Destroy 50 spinners and thats it.

To Complete Version has at least next:
* At least 10 levels
* At least 25 missions
* At least 3 cars
* At least 2 weapons per car
* At least 6 different enemies (and 1-2 bosses)
* At least 5 Easter eggs
* At least 3 different musics

In my private version (03, not public) there's few enemies, start of another level and something. I need lots of ideas and critics/comments - i need them to build this even better.

Fullscreen: F4
Resolution (Alphabeta): 640*480 (in real game its 800*600)
Size: About 1,3 megs

This works on worse computers, too. Mine is only 1,2GHz and 512mt ram. 32mt Graphics Card memory.

Arrows :::: Move (8-dir)
CTRL :::: Shoot

- DL !!
- Yoyogames ( Comments? )

- Furry

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#2 angryempath


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Posted 10 October 2007 - 07:05 PM

Looks nice, saying it's 3D was kind of misleading though.

The dust effect was very well executed, the models looked good for the most part, and I liked the gameplay (I'm assuming you will have more complex enemies later though).

Have you thought about adding some kind of acceleration effect, so it feels more like a car? Then you could make the cars speed up differently, and they'd be more unique...
(it wouldn't be too difficult to have a flag variable when you're standing still, and then a speed-limiter that decreases the longer you haven't been standing still)

Would also be neat if you added a multiplayer arena kind of thing, could be like Twisted Metal ;)
(you'd want to add a lot more weapons for that though)

The only model I wasn't very fond of were the rocks(?), they looked like garbage bags...
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#3 furry


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Posted 12 October 2007 - 02:01 PM

Thanks for Comments!
At this moment, the most helpful thing to make this better is comments and specially critics and ideas.

So, i have started the menu now, but i need comments for this game, like which kind of levels, enemies (remember, please, i can't do models like halo), and so on. :angry:


- Furry
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