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Team Requests Forum Rules

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Posted 23 June 2010 - 11:22 AM

Team Requests Forum

Members forming teams for GM projects may list the kind of skills they need. They may also announce their own "skills for hire".

Requests related to website building, distribution services, and non-GM projects are not allowed.

Rules and Guidelines

People judge you by your writing, so take time to post a well-written topic. These guidelines may help you:

  • Describe your project, with information about the genre and any special features.
  • List the team skills you need -- such as programmer, graphic artist, or music creator.
  • Explain what work you will do yourself.
  • Write clearly and use proper grammar and spelling.

Team Announcements

  • Only ONE announcement per member is allowed. If you start a new project, edit your original topic and request a moderator bump after 30 days (see Updates below).
  • Multiple announcements for the same team are NOT allowed, even if posted by different members.

Replying to Announcements

  • No replies are allowed here. If you want to join a team, PM the team leader. Or mumble and rant in private.

Updates (bumping)

  • Your announcement may be bumped by a moderator after 1 month. Use the Report Button to request a bump, or send brownies.

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