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General GMC Forum Rules

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Posted 11 October 2009 - 02:12 PM

General GMC Forum Rules

The following general rules apply to the entire GMC forum. They're very simple, so please follow them.

Rules of Behavior

  • Avoid rudeness, personal attacks, offensive behavior, and sexual references.
  • No Spamming (posting unrelated material). This includes replying to obvious spam topics. Your account will be disabled if you do this.
  • Do not post in all CAPS or use excessive color, bold or large text, or special fonts. Use them sparingly for emphasis. Be especially careful about color selections because what appears OK with one forum theme may be unreadable with another.
  • The forum is not a chat room. Use the personal message (PM) system to chat with other members.
  • Please use English when posting. (You may chat by PM in whatever language you want -- except Latin... because that's creepy.)

General Rules

  • DO NOT create more than 1 user account. Doing so will result in banning.
  • All posts must be related to Game Maker -- except in the Off Topic forums.
  • No Bumping (except under these rules: Topic Bumping), and no duplicate topics.
  • Keep posted images under 800 x 600 pixels, and under 100 kB per image. You may include up to 5 images per post.
  • Do not discuss anything illegal (cracked GM or decompilers, ROM hacks, warez, etc).
  • Do not promote your own (or anyone elses) forums anywhere on the GMC.
  • No links that benefit from member clicks, meaning rewards, like discounts, purchase points, money from ad clicks, or any other "referral" offering.
  • Please do not promote any product that directly or indirectly competes with any product by YoYo Games Ltd.

Avatars and Signatures

  • Custom avatars should be 64 x 64 pixels, and under 100 kB. See Signature and Avatar Rules.
  • Avoid offensive avatars, signatures, and user names. Moderators will remove them.
  • Signatures must be under 150 pixels high, 650 pixels wide, and under 100 kB. See Signature and Avatar Rules.


  • The "New Poll" option is disabled. However, members may still request a poll by PMing a moderator. The moderator will decide if it's justified.

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