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Q&A Posting Guidelines

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 08:44 PM

Q&A Posting Guidelines
Make It Easier For Everyone

When posting in this forum, please follow these suggestions:

  • Give your topic a descriptive name
    Use a title that describes your problem. DO NOT use titles like "I Need Help!" or "I Have A Question."
  • Describe your problem clearly
    Focus on one issue, and explain specifically what you're trying to do. Try to use good spelling and punctuation.
  • Indicate whether you are registered, and which GM version you use
    Some solutions depend on whether you have a Pro version, or on the GM version. Tell people this, so they won't suggest things you can't use.
  • Specify whether you use Drag & Drop Actions
    Please tell people if you only use drag & drop actions.
  • Mark solved questions
    After your question is answered, you can either: Click the "Mark Solved" button on the answer that resolved the issue for you, OR (if no specific answer has resolved the issue, or you have resolved it yourself) add *Solved* in the sub-title. DO NOT change the title. DO NOT remove any posts. That way, others can learn from the topic. To change the title, edit the initial topic post by clicking the "Use Full Editor" button.
  • Do NOT mark unsolved questions
    Please do not add "unsolved" to the title of your topic. This is not helpful. All questions are presumed to be unsolved by default. Solved questions which remain marked unsolved waste the time of everyone and hide useful solutions from other members.
  • Thank people who help
    If someone helped you, it's nice to thank them, and tell them whether their solution worked.

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