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Posted 05 November 2006 - 09:25 AM

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Notes v2 (2006)

Category: Puzzle Game
Size: ~3 mb
Version: 1b
Resolution: Windowed
Multiplayer: No

Online highscores: Here

Screen: Menu(old) | Gameplay 1 | Gameplay 2
Downloads: koti.mbnet.fi | 64Digits.

Wordpacks: Original | (finnish) A-words | World words
( change the name to sanat.txt and replace the old one )

(old)History of this game:
Game was made interestingly in two days ( now 4 ) when I was having a boring weekend. The idea I had was to have guitar chords in the game for sounds. That's what makes this game so original. The other idea was a word game like you all know, type out the words that are coming from the sides.

I started making some sketches with photoshop and finally got the style I was looking for. The relaxing, cool and nice style. The chord recording was really a pain in the head, you had to record them multiple times before you got the right note.

The game's idea is to type out the words before they hit the player. Words are randomly chosen from the text file "sanat.txt" and you can change them as you like. The game gets harder and harder quick and it tests your writing abilitys.

I know, this haves a lot to improve, but maybe I'll update this sometime soon.

Have fun with the game!

New to this update:
Game updated with Online highscores and little tweaks. Have fun with the new superb version of this game.
You can download the wordpacks above and have a thriller with them.

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