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Offering Registration Keys

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Posted 13 January 2004 - 10:01 PM

Offering Registration Keys
Don't Do It

There have been a number of posts in which people offered registration keys in return for something. For example as prizes for competitions or in return for .gmd files or other favors. Some of these have been honest and people did buy registration keys that they gave to the people. But in most cases it was some form of fraud in which either no keys were send or an illegal key was given. This led to much frustration.

To stop this I have decided that we will not allow people to offer registration keys on this forum anymore. (This does not apply to offers already made.) Posts offering registration keys in return for anything will be removed. If you want people to do something, offer them the euros that the registration costs and let them then use it for registering Game Maker themselves. (The only exception is that I myself might offer keys sometimes.)

It is unfortunate that I have to make this decision but I just want this forum to be a nice place.

Also, if you know of anyone giving out GM keys or key generators, please PM a moderator about it. Do NOT discuss it on the forum.

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