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Projects That Are Not Allowed

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Posted 27 February 2009 - 11:51 AM

Projects That Are Not Allowed

Projects or discussions in these categories ARE NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the GMC:

  • Prank programs (harmless or not)
  • Disabling the Start Menu, TaskManager, CTRL+ALT+DELETE, CMD+OPT+ESC, etc.
  • Shells (Sub-OS programs)
  • File management programs
  • Applications that use or access email, chat networks (eg. AIM, MSN, IRC), telephone networks (eg. SMS), or forums
  • Removal tools for spyware / viruses / cookies, or pop-up blockers
  • Preventing or forcing Log Off, Shut Down, or Restart
  • Applications that alter the operating system, system files, or registry settings
  • Programs that install software to automatically start for any reason
  • Programs that hide themselves when they run
  • Key loggers, screen loggers, activity monitors, or any other form of surveillance
  • Applications that automatically refresh web pages
  • Programs that embed an exe in a webpage, whether through Java or other methods

...and any other project or topic the staff considers harmful. Apart from those types of programs, it should be noted that you cannot promote forums anywhere on the GMC either nor any product that directly or indirectly competes with any product by YoYo Games Ltd.

We constructed this list for our members' benefit. These are our reasons:
  • Despite good intentions, some of the listed tools give a false sense of security, or may contain mistakes that can harm a member's computer.
  • We want this to be a Safe Download Zone, and these rules reduce the risk of damage.

We cannot stop users from distributing these applications elsewhere, but they may not be announced OR DISCUSSED on the GMC.
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