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Programming Q&A -- Forum Rules

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Posted 31 December 2003 - 10:13 PM

Programming Question and Answer

Forum Rules

Novice users who are using Drag & Drop action icons, or still learning GML, can get help from more experienced members. If you feel your topic belongs in Advanced GML Discussions, then report your topic and explain why you think it should be moved. Do NOT make a second topic there.

When your question is answered, DO NOT remove it or modify it. Other members can learn from answered topics.

Topics appropriate for this forum include:

  • Requests for examples or code. Try to ask a specific question about one thing. Vague requests for "general help" may be closed.
  • Requests for specific coding help.
  • Questions involving the drag & drop actions.
  • General GM usage questions. (i.e. configuring Game Options, adding folders, using the sprite editor, etc.)
  • Questions about the manual that need more explaining.

Questions NOT appropriate for this forum include:

  • Graphics or Sound requests - Post those in the Resources Forum.
  • Questions about particular extensions - Specific questions about particular extensions belong in that extension's topic (if it exists) in the Extending Game Maker Forum. For example, specific questions about using the 39dll for online applications, belong in that forum. General GM usage questions may still be posted in Programming Q&A
  • Tutorials - Post those in the Tutorials Forum.

Please follow these steps when posting a topic:

  • Read the Q&A Posting Guidelines - This contains several tips to help get your questions answered quickly and make your topics useful to other members.
  • Check the Tutorials Forum - Many useful examples and tutorials can be found there that may already answer your question.
  • Use the Search Feature - You may find your question is already answered in another topic.
  • When your question is answered, DO NOT delete or modify the original post. Other members can learn from it.
  • We strongly advise against posting your entire project files, but whenever you see no other way, make sure to point people towards the problem the best you can within the file, ie: Object or script name where you think the issue is occurring and any and all relevant information.

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