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Bumping & Double Posting Rules

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 12:36 PM

Bumping & Double Posting Rules

What is bumping?

Bumping means making two posts in a row, in the same topic, without anyone else posting in between. This is not allowed. You must wait until someone else posts before you post again. We also do not permit "necro-bumping" (ie: bumping a topic various months or years after the last post).

The only legal way to bump a topic is explained below :

Legal Bumping Rule

  • You may bump your own post after 2 days (48 hours) have passed. If 48 hours have not passed, then use the EDIT button to update it. DO NOT make posts like "legal bump", or "please help me". Non-helpful posts like this will be removed. Instead, provide more information about your question. This makes it easier for people to reply.
Duplicate Topics

  • Making two topics with the same question is not allowed. If your question isn't answered, you may bump it after 48 hours. DO NOT make a new topic.
  • If you feel the topic would get a better response in another forum, use the REPORT system to request a moderator to move it.
Reporting Illegal Bumping

  • When you see an illegal bump, report it with the REPORT button.
  • DO NOT make a post saying "You bumped illegally", or "I reported you", etc. That just duplicates the problem.

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