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New Ragdoll Games

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Posted 25 June 2005 - 08:20 AM

Yo... Everyone...

I have made Ragdoll Examples by Modifieing the Ragdoll Matrix .gm6 thing...

Download Them at
My Site.

Coming Soon:
I am making a game simular to Helmetmans Block Bloak but this one has RigidBody Physics With GM_Tokamak, And the sprites are different from Block Bloak's.

In BlockWars(The Game Coming Soon) You can Get a flair and when you shoot it creates a Spark Effect in the Begin Step event for the flair bullet.

And you can Press Space to do a Suicide and when you do a suicide it creates a Random Smoke Effect that is Maroon in color and the random thing makes it large or not.

If you shoot the flair and make the flair Land on the enemy it will catch him on fire.
How the fire is made:
The Fire has a Random Event with the Dice thing in the Control Tab and the dice has 3 Sides to it so it takes longer to create the Red Smoke Up Event.

You Can Throw Grenades in this game. And when the Enemys have collision with the explosion mask they make a Force with Tokamak to themselves and sometimes they move the wrong way because Remember the Code makes a random force not a specific.
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